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Great News!


We have a working mobile app for you to try. Feedbacks are welcome.


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Adding an app to home screen on iOS

1. Tap on the "Share" icon located at the bottom of the page

2. Tap the "Add to Home Screen" button

3. Tap the "Add" button at the top right corner of the screen
Adding an app to home screen on Android

1. Tap on the notification banner at the bottom of the page (alternatively, you can tap the "Add to Home Screen" option inside the menu at the top right corner of the screen)

2. Tap the "Add" button on the modal


Scanning QR codes

Most iOS and Android devices can scan QR codes natively with the camera app. Alternatively you can use a third party app to scan them.

1. Open the camera app and point to the QR code. A notification will be automatically displayed

2. Tap the notification and the app will open on your browser

3. Optionally, you can add the app to your Home Screen for better experience



Practice Schedule for week: 05/23 - 05/29

All training sessions are 90 minutes long
Atom A BucsTue18:00Pie XII 2
 Sun09:00Pie XII 1
Atom B BucsThur18:30Pie XII 2
 Sun11:00Pie XII 2
Atom B BravesSun10:00Pie XII 2
Atom B RedsFri18:30Pie XII 2
 Sun09:00Pie XII 2
Mosquito A BucsThur18:30Pie XII 1
 Sun10:30Pie XII 1
Mosquito B BucsSat08:30Pie XII 1
Mosquito B BravesSat10:00Pie XII 1
PeeWee A BucsMon18:30Pie XII 1
 Wed18:30Pie XII 1
Pee Wee B BravesTue18:30Pie XII 1
 Sat09:00Pie XII 2
Pee Wee B RedsFri18:30Pie XII 1
 Sat10:30Pie XII 2
Bantam B BucsSat11:00Garibaldi North
Bantam B DiamondsSat10:00Garibaldi North
Midget A BucsThur18:30Garibaldi South
Midget B BucsThur20:00Garibaldi South
 Sat15:00Garibaldi South
Midget B BravesFri20:00Garibaldi South
Midget B RedsFri18:30Garibaldi South
Midget B RockiesSat12:00Garibaldi South


Practice Schedule for week: 05/30 - 06/05

All training sessions are 90 minutes long
Atom A Bucs   
Atom B Bucs   
Atom B Braves   
Atom B Reds   
Mosquito A Bucs   
Mosquito B Bucs   
Mosquito B Braves   
PeeWee A Bucs   
Pee Wee B Braves   
Pee Wee B Reds   
Bantam B Bucs   
Bantam B Diamonds   
Midget A Bucs   
Midget B Bucs   
Midget B Braves   
Midget B Reds   
Midget B Rockies   


Gala Meritas 2019

Gala Meritas 2019

The 2019 Meritas Gala of Baseball Montreal Region took...

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